Paul Brotherton

11 06 2015

Paul Brotherton. I love paintings that deal with everyday events. Or events with a story line.

Shopping Brompton Road (detail)A place in the sun 2 (detail)Conwy Estuary (detail)Ridgetop No.1 (detail)

George Grosz

11 06 2015

Over the years I kept running into the work of Grosz. He seems to have captured that Nazi gene that exists in too many people. Its that look of arrogance of power. And its brutality. I saw some of this influence in the early work of John Lennon.

Grosz knew what bullies were. The Gestapo. The Brown Shirts. The SS. What is it that makes people behave like this. They have power. They do not just abuse power. No. They use power. Again. And again. Real power is of course influence. To make people do things because they want to. Otherwise power is just force. The force of a slap. A punch. A gun.

Brutes thrive in a society that is brutal. Pre-war Germany was like that. I wonder what Grosz would think of America today.


11 06 2015

The Edwardians. scoundrel2by David Halliday



Impressionism comes to Texas

11 06 2015

Impressionism comes to Texasby David Halliday