8 06 2015

I love Magritte. How could you not? He’s funny. And he’s Belgian. (I lived there for four years. My son was born there. My wife is Belgian. Outside of the weather, its a wonderful place on the planet.) Magritte has affected many artists. But it is his love by the public that is so interesting. No one asks if his work is art. They just smile.

Next to Dali his work may be the most recognizable art of any surrealist. It is his sense of humor and intelligence that has brought him this attention.

high tea

8 06 2015

The Edwardians. high tea2by David Halliday


Stefano Perrone

8 06 2015

I love the kind of blurred smudged affect on these paintings. It gives them an authority they might not have. As if they were truer reflections of the objects of the artist’s interest.

Arlecchino consapevoleRitratto astratto lunedìRitratto astratto sdraiatoArlecchino del socialeRitratto d'artista blu