Nico Greco

3 06 2015

Interesting work.

sposimom and doughterditaamelieVon TeeseL'ATTIMO

William Mortensen

3 06 2015

William Mortensen seems preoccupied with sexual themes in his work. He is often contrasting ideal beauty with ideal ugliness. In my view he is contrasting a kind of idealized existence that humans imagine themselves living in against the real ugliness and indifference of life. His work is arresting. And there is a voyeur aspect to it. And in that sense we are on the outside looking in. The viewer is not part of either of Mortensen’s views (beauty/ugly) (madonna/monster). Mortensen’s work is all photographic. By that I mean he doesn’t appear to use cut and paste.

A day at the beach with the kids

3 06 2015

A lot of collages were originally made from early prints of Edwardian England. I did my share.

The Edwardians. a day at the beach with the kids2

I’m late… I’m late… for a very important date…

3 06 2015

I'm late... I'm late... For a very important David Halliday