And the word was made flesh…

22 05 2015

And The Word Was Made Fleshby David Halliday

Emma Hack

22 05 2015

(Pick a card.) I love this kind of work. It brings out the sleuth in you. Like those old newspaper puzzles where you had to find out what was different between two seemingly identical pictures. But… it is kind of gadgetary (I made up the word.) As art it grows old quickly. But it still draws you in. Like a card trick. (Was it the Jack of hearts?)

Rossana Salvino

22 05 2015

Work that is both eclectic and interesting. Rossana Salvino

Rossana Salvino attended the liceo artistico c. Levi in Matera field Academy. He continued his studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Bari Decoration industry where he received a Bachelor’s degree in July 2013. His main interest is involved in the representation of bodies imprisoned and faces the unsettling


Meglio che non guardoMorso fatale

Einstein and Genova on the beach

22 05 2015

Einstein and Genova on the beachby David Halliday

God of Six Points

22 05 2015

Islington House Jack Sirdevan Johnsons Kingsway Malton Airport Mary Maureen O'Hara Old Bill Old Jack Palais Royale Shack Shanahan Place SilverthornI wrote a novel several years ago called The God of Six Points. Originally I had included these illustrations in the novel. It was a story about a man who believed he was God. Or at least a god. To the outside world he was suffering from delusions (alzheimers) but to him he was travelling in time. (…