Annie Leibovitz

20 05 2015

I love this woman’s work. Many of her shots look like staged collages. Instead of cut and paste she uses props and costumes. You can go through her work and marvel at its quantity and quality. Annie Leibovitz. Her name looks like a photograph.

Francesco Andreani

20 05 2015

wonderful portraits… Reminds me of Freud’s work. Or Goya.

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Bumper Sticker

20 05 2015

Bumper Stickerby David Halliday

Growing up…

20 05 2015

Many years ago I wrote a long novel about growing up in the 50s and 60s. The novel has since disappeared. (I should look for it.) I created a series of collages that were meant to be a photo album to accompany the novel.

airplane aWedgewood ball hockey Botfield boys Burnhamthorpe CCF12222008_00048a cleaning the rink girl talk go cart hockey home photos hydro field ice skating Jopling Lorraine Gardens Martin Grove Our Lady of Peace race school yard

the man who learnt how to smoke…

20 05 2015

the man who learnt how to smokeby David Halliday