Joe Webb

19 05 2015

Focussing on more cut and paste, this artist’s work is outstanding. Joe Webb.

“I started making these simple hand-made collages as a sort of luddite reaction to working as a graphic artist on computers for many years. I like the limitations of collage…using found imagery and a pair of scissors, there are no Photoshop options to resize, adjust colours or undo.

My collages work to a basic rule of sourcing just two or three images… with these I can reinvent the original scene to communicate a new idea.

I suppose I’ve become fairly anti-technology… although I now promote my art on websites, own an iPhone and use Facebook…It’s confusing, I wish I had been born 100 years ago.”

— Joe Webb

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Meet the girls at Fox News

19 05 2015

Meet the girls at Fox Newsby David Halliday


Like their male colleagues the women on Fox News lean heavily on mimicry, formalized outrage, and they never let facts get in the way of an opinion. And they practice what Humphrey Bogart called professional nationalism. The only difference is that the women wear dresses. On air anyway.


Lost in a thought

19 05 2015

Lost in a David Halliday


Our brains operate almost independently of our will. Thoughts come into our head like subway cars on the wrong lines.