Federico Fistarol

18 05 2015

Federico Fistarol. So much of his work seems apocalyptic. Like the preWWII artists in Germany.



Alexey Kurbatov

18 05 2015

Alexey Kurbatov is a talented illustrator from Moscow, Russia where he specializes in graphic design and drawing.
With an extensive body of work, Alexey produces art with great contrast and just the right amount of color.
His work is a mix of different styles, between watercolor and vector art.

Frida Kahlo by Alexey KurbatovMarlene Dietrich by Alexey KurbatovLuna de Monte Carlo by Alexey KurbatovIllustration by Alexey KurbatovIllustration by Alexey Kurbatov

Just one time… tell me what you’re thinking… I can’t, I just can’t

18 05 2015


Just one time... tell me what you’re thinking...I can’t. I just can’t..by David Halliday


melodrama… why does it exist?

Ridha Ridha

18 05 2015

He mixes painting with photography. And then creates a digital copy. The images are startling. Filled with metaphors. Or  perhaps they are just random.