Black velvet

14 05 2015

These are my black velvet paintings…

13a Balance of Nature Death is Reborn Deep Fire Island Forest of Galaxies Lost in the Woods Night Flock Our Lady of Fire

Maria Nobili

14 05 2015

I like the fact that her art has range, from the naive to the political.

SensualityBroken ToyIn-justice we trustPurificationMaria Nobili

Luis Toledo

14 05 2015

The first time I went through the Papal Apartments I had 2 results. First, my neck hurt from looking up at all the work on the ceilings. Second, my eyes hurt because there was no relief from the paintings. They were everywhere. There was no place for the eyes to rest. It was an orgy of visual images. And though it was great art, it made me want to vomit. Out of my eyes. And thats how I see Luis Toledo’s work. I can’t make a judgment on it because there is no relief from it in his work. There is no focal point. I get some kind of aesthetic vertigo.

The woman that was born in her garden

14 05 2015

The woman who was born in her gardenby David Halliday