Luciano Borin

25 04 2015

This is lovely work. It has the appeal of light and shadows. I’m not sure I understand all the metaphors in it but I do like it. Lucian Borin.

Sosta in panchinaFiori alla finestraFrancescaIl passaggo dell'anatraGiulia e il bracco

Black tops

25 04 2015

I’ve always been fascinated by black velvet paintings. They are so tacky that they are fun. Although I don’t think I’d actually hang one in my home. Or maybe I would. I did a series of pictures that I saw as black velvet paintings. I called them black tops.

Balance of Nature Fire Island Night Flock

Ivan Generalic

25 04 2015

Ivan Generalic’s work reminds one of Rousseau. Or Breughel. Or perhaps many of the wonderfully illustrated children’s books. His work is charming.

put that thing away before I make you eat it…

25 04 2015

Put that thing away before I make  you eat David Halliday