Marty Gordon

22 04 2015

‘Looking at one of his works is akin to peeking through a window into another world, a world where art, humor, faith, tension and candidness live together in vignettes of surreal commentary.” Using the genre of comic books, Gordon satirizes most everything. His work is big, irrelevant, and fun. The flip side is that his work (or what we see) is narrowly focused.

Super Future Kid

22 04 2015

Its an odd name for an artist. Certainly her work is fun. A lot of joy here. This is what she has to say for herself.

“The imagery I use is very appealing to me. I love the ’80s and ’90s popular culture especially as it was my childhood era but I am also very interested in totally random stuff and I collect a lot of things like toys, magazines and JPGs”…

for the life of me, I could not find the gravy boat…

22 04 2015

For  the life of me, I could not find the gravy David Halliday