Lev Lagorio

12 04 2015

Lagorio was born in Feodosia, Crimea (now Ukraine) and later studied in the Imperial Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg. His teachers were Maxim Vorobiev and B. P. Villeval’de. While he lived in Feodosia, he was influenced by the painter Ivan Aivazovsky. In 1845 Lagorio went on a sea voyage on the warship Groziashchy to study the arrangement of the ship.

Lagorio spent eight years in Italy. The paintings he created there brought him to the status of professor on his return home to Russia.

In his later years, he painted the coastal views of Finland and Norway. He also painted motives of the Russian-Turkish war.

Lagorio’s works are open to the public in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Russia.

Hans von Aachen

12 04 2015

Hans von Aachen began painting in Germany as a pupil of the Flemish master E. Jerrigh. He then, like many northern artists of his time, such as Bartholomeus Spranger spent a long period in Italy. He lived in Venice from 1574 to 1588 and toured Florence and Rome during that period. He initially became a pupil of Kaspar Rems, but soon decided to develop his own mannerist technique, by studying Tintoretto and Michelangelo’s followers. However, during all of his life he was influenced by the style of Bartholomeus Spranger and Hendrick Goltzius who dominated the art scene in Germany at the time.

Hans von Aachen. 1552 1615. I’m sure I’m not the first to notice this. But it appears as if Hans von Aachen used one model in most of his paintings. And there are a number of different paintings which seem like duplicates of others with small adjustments and new titles.

The House That Loved Children

12 04 2015

When my nephew was born, some 35 years ago, I wrote a short children’s story for him. It was about two children named Christian and Raymond Chocolate. It was followed by many other stories. These illustrations accompanied the stories. The stories had a dramatic life, almost being published by several publishers but each time coming to some frightful ending. Finally I just gave up on them. Still they live in a back drawer some place in Belgium.

House 1 House 2 House 3 House 4 House 5 House 6 House 7

Emil Holarek

12 04 2015

A Czech artist living from 1867 to 1919. His paintings and drawings strike me as odd.

Alcohol - An Unfortunate Familyz

Sabrina Dimitriu

12 04 2015

I love this artist’s work. It is playful. She takes wonderful photos and then doodles on them. They appear whimsical. But the affect is beautiful.

Really, I have no regrets…

12 04 2015

Really, I have no regrets..by David Halliday