you’re making me blush…

6 04 2015

you're making me blushby David Halliday

Philippe Deliere

6 04 2015

An artist who works out of Paris. Philippe Deliere has the wonderful advantage of living in a city where people breath art. He states his mission as recycle visual images from the pulp as art. His work is always interesting. Each collage like a story. And I think he is one of the artists who would do well in cafe conversations. Where people could discuss and argue about his work.


6 04 2015

BONA TIBERTELLI DE PISIS. 1926 – 2000. (Bona de Mandiargues) I hope I’m not talking about 2 artists. (Chalk it up to stupidity.) I was in Paris in the early 1970s which would have been this artist’s prime. Perhaps she walked by me in a book store. Or slapped my face in a cafe. Who knows how close we come to meeting each other in this world.

you will wear what I tell you to wear

6 04 2015

you will wear what I tell you to David Halliday


dedicated to Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada

Minas Halaj

6 04 2015

I grew up on this kind of art, pieces filled with colour, and form, and accident. Ed Kuris was a colleague and his early work has so much of these elements. Very exciting stuff.

Minas Halaj was born in Yerevan, Armenia, in the family of artist Samuel Halaj.

1992-1996 Minas Halaj studied at Hakob Kojoyan Art School, Yerevan, Armenia, 1996-1998- Terlemezian College of Fine Art, Yerevan, Armenia, 1998-2002 Yerevan’s State Fine Arts Academy. And 2003-2006 SFAI, San Francisco, CA. Minas Halaj works in oil, mixed media and graphics. His graphic series, entitled Magnetic Flower is a mixture of many different styles, influences and elements. He incorporates flowers, nature, animals, anatomy and Roman sculpture techniques.[1]

Minas Halaj has got paintings from ‘American Renaissance’ that reflect the immigrant experience, each picture with a hallowed space that express a cry for home, the memories of place, history and culture, the violence of its loss and the rupturing of the spirit.[2] Many of his paintings are with private collectors, including actor Jim Carrey