Kay Sage

4 04 2015

After Tanguy died in 1955 and her (Kay Sage) health began to deteriorate and she become more and more morose, giving up painting for nihilistic poetry. She first attempted suicide in 1959. She succeeded in 1963 – with a bullet through her heart.

She was accused of being a dilettante when she first arrived in Paris. Her first husband had given her a title. And her family had given her money. She met the artist Yves Tanguy while in Paris and they would later marry in America. As she got older Ms. Sage’s health deteriorated. Especially after her husband’s death. Her work reminds me of Chirico’s lonely landscapes. It is interesting work but there is a kind of joyless quality. One can’t help but wonder if this was a result of a melancholic state of mind. But of course that might apply to all artists. Or people in general.



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5 04 2015
The Unfolding

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