Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf

2 04 2015

Her portraits look like people you’ve seen. And though it has become somewhat dated, the dripping paint is still affective.

Robert Magginetti

2 04 2015

I like Robert Magginetti’s work. A lot of it reminds me of traditional collages that I cut my teeth on. Some of his work comes from black and white photography in 1940s and 50s magazines. These pictures are in many ways already collages. They are set pieces and not photographs randomly taken. The collages are also collections of individual photos (or parts of photos) pasted together. There is no attempt to manipulate the images themselves. And they are commentaries. Of the culture, the ideas, and the life of those times.


2 04 2015

Springby David Halliday


Of course the little tramp would think it was spring. He’s an optimist.