Dominic Wilcox

27 03 2015

Whimsical. Humor. Fun. Its like a series of Leonardo Da Vinci fart jokes. Good for the soul.

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‘Sad, he’s not even jealous’… ‘Well, he does have a gun pointed at us.’

27 03 2015

Sad, he’s not even jealous.... Well, he does have a David Halliday

Jutta H.M. Schriever

27 03 2015

Jutta’s work is quite beautiful. Watch the lines in her work and how they echo throughout the piece. And some of her work has the quality of being looked at from any direction. You can turn the piece upside down and it still looks applicable. I do wish there was more work because there is in each piece a sense of repetition in style and ‘feeling’ from other pieces. There is also a ‘Daliesque’ look about each piece. Which if you like Dali is lovely. And I like Dali.

Somewhere in the 1970s

27 03 2015

I found these stories huddled under a blanket of dust. In the back of a cameon. (I don’t know what a cameon is. Just made it up.) They were shaking with fear. Don’t think they wanted to be found. They were written during a tumultuous time in my life. I had broken up with a long time live-in girl friend. These stories aren’t about her. But about the times after. The people I met. Lovers. Dopers. Thieves. Hookers. My aunt Eunice. Its exciting reading.

Somewhere in the 1970s.

Quit bawling and make me some breakfast…

27 03 2015

Quit bawling and make me some breakfastby David Halliday