Miguel Macaya

25 03 2015

Miguel Macaya’s oil paintings are compelling and sumptuous. His portraits of man and beast, often obscure their subject – often it is what is hidden that gives these paintings their strength and expressivity.

Macaya has a mastery of his medium, and his technique is precise but not laboured. They have the universality of old master paintings so that they call to mind Goya and other Spanish masters: he draws our awareness as much to the light as to what remains in the dark – what we cannot or will not see.

Thomas Cooper Gotch

25 03 2015

Okay I’m off base. I realize that the times have made us very suspicious of those who have… obsessions. Gotch seems to be obsessed by girls. Young women. 10 to 17. I don’t know if it was their innocence or their vulnerability. Or perhaps my own two daughters have made me into something of a crank. Do I see something unhealthy? Or am I just seeing things?

Thomas Cooper Gotch or T.C. Gotch (1854–1931) was an EnglishPre-Raphaelite painter[1] and book illustrator, and brother of John Alfred Gotch, the architect.

Gotch studied art in London and Antwerp before he married and studied in Paris with his wife, Caroline, a fellow artist. Returning to Britain, they settled into the Newlyn art colony in Cornwall. He first made paintings of natural, pastoral settings before immersing himself in the romantic, Pre-Raphaelite romantic style for which he is best known. His daughter was often a model for the colourful depictions of young girls.

I think I left the stove on…

25 03 2015

I think I left the stove on..by David Halliday