An exhibition of lost women…

20 03 2015

An exhibition of lost David Halliday

Jerry Uelsmann

20 03 2015

Uelsmann work looks like a precursor for all the fabulous images coming out of people’s minds using photoshop. But Uelsman used a camera and the darkroom. His work has had a huge affect on many artists, myself included.

Open 24HRS

20 03 2015

I have been working on a book for a number of years. The book is about a plaza, Six Points Plaza. There are stories. Well over 50. And they are mostly short. Very short. The book is called ‘Open 24HRS’. I did a number of illustrations for the book which I may or may not use. The stories were written with a jazz beat in my head. Well, not just one jazz tune but many. The original idea for the writing style was from a Spanish American novel called, BEAT. I forget the name of the writer. I let the images and writing flow from me (similar to stream of conscious but with more structure). I tried to break from the cliche writing that I had seen in so many contemporary works.

SMALLavignon SMALLBrane TreatmentSMALL SMALLCome on over here and give me a kiss SMALLEdward R. Murrow SMALLI always thought he would come backSMALL SMALLIncident in Hua Square SMALLLibyan Skies SMALLLife and Times SMALLmanners and politicsV3 SMALLRomance of Power SMALLShe might have loved... someone else smallThis is the 20th Century