Kai McCall

17 03 2015

These portraits have that ‘historical’ feeling to them. That they arise from some period in the late 1900s. And yet they are contemporary. The soft focus makes the subjects look like mannequins. Eternally  youthful. And the rifles? A symbol of the monied class?

Many of my recent paintings are portraits depicting imagined scenes from everyday life. They deal thematically with the idea of movement and transition. Accordingly they show figures in transit; the bicycle in “The Passion of Fred”, the scooter in “Vespa”, the boat in “Alone at Last” and the car in “Belmont Avenue”. 17th Century Dutch genre paintings have been influential in the evolution of this series both stylistically and conceptually. Certain elements are rendered in the layered technique of the Dutch masters to create shimmering fabrics and transparent flesh tones.


In Search of Drones (sold)The ShadowMajor Tom Defunct (sold)The Mirror (sold)Time In The Shadows (sold)Pompadour (sold)Moment of Eclipse

Misha Gordin

17 03 2015

Gordin’s work is stark and startling. One feels that one has stepped into another’s psyche. That one is on the inside of a face looking out. And one is horrified by the monotony of sameness. The vast number of people. The mediocrity of uniformness.

I don’t buy it. The startling thing about humanity is the different voices. On one level, and I think a superficial one, we all are saying, doing, acting the same. But in the quiet of the night, the hour of the wolf, we are all left with our own thoughts.

misha gordin crowd art photography

David Delamano

17 03 2015

This work is so damn beautiful. The black and white images works so well against almost all backgrounds. David Delamano

Girl behind the wall

17 03 2015

Girl behind the wallby David Halliday