Nigel Cooke

12 03 2015

These paintings remind me of the night. About 3 in the morning. Even in darkness there is quite a bit of light. It kind of wanders around. From the moon, street lights, lights from porches, from smoke. Its that time of day where thoughts are almost vanquished and you feel quite estranged from your world. Like you were a visitor from some place else.

Nigel Cooke ‘New Accursed Art Club’, 2007
© Nigel Cooke

George Shaw

12 03 2015

George Shaw’s work is about time. Aging. Crumbling. And about the movement out of mythology into the real world. Out of a child’s mysticism. And into wisdom.

I once saw a photo. Taken in the 30s. From one side of the street at the other.  It was just an ordinary photograph. I asked myself, what did the photographer take a picture of? I couldn’t see what he saw. There was nothing remotely a target of the camera. Not a house. A pretty girl. A dog. Nothing. And it’s not until I saw Shaw’s paintings that I realized the answer to that question. He wasn’t taking a picture of one thing in the world. He was taking a picture of the world. George Shaw. I love this guy’s work.

What do I really want?

12 03 2015

what do I really David Halliday