Istvan Szonyi

25 02 2015

István Szőnyi (1894-1960) was a Hungarian painter noted for works such as The Bend of the Danube and Zebegény.[1] He and his family rescued Jews during the Holocaust. Hence they were declared Righteous Among the Nations on October 2, 1984.[2] István Szőnyi was one of the most gifted members of the Nagybánya group.

Istvan Szonyi127002164246. Istvan SzonyiElderly_Couple_(The_Artist's_parenIstvan Szonyits)_1920 Istvan Szonyif7493d8f-1cd1-4e12-8072-48cdc1e08ecb_338 Istvan Szonyiimage_4 Istvan SzonyiMother_and_Daughter_1944 Istvan Szonyiszonyi_istvan_es_felesege_1925_korul_142 Istvan Szonyiszonyi_istvan-onarckep_1941-a_devenyi_gyujtemeny_15 Istvan Szonyiszonyi405 Istvan Szonyiszonyi-istvan-etienne-1894-196-aktok-szabadban-1479374-500-500-1479374



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