Oscar Gustave Rejlander

23 02 2015

Early photography must have been like discovering America for these artists. One of the first photographers to use collage to some affect.  And a very strange guy to boot.

A flamboyant, colourful, theatrical figure, Rejlander may well have actively cultivated a sense of mystery surrounding his origins.

Probably born in Sweden (again, this is not certain) as a young man, Rejlander studied painting, and later moved to Rome where he made a living making copies of Renaissance paintings.

It was perhaps as a result of his early experience as a painter that Rejlander realised how useful photography could be to artists. He himself claimed that this moment of revelation came in 1852 after he’d bought some photographic reproductions of classical sculptures and was captivated by how photography succeeded in capturing the complicated folds of drapery.

Oscar Gustave Rejlanderanightonthestreetsoflondon Oscar Gustave Rejlanderbadtemper Oscar Gustave Rejlanderfe6dfafa-e855-4ad6-b1e6-a3576bee4Oscar Gustave Rejlander1ab_g Oscar Gustave RejlanderImage2 Oscar Gustave Rejlanderimage035 Oscar Gustave Rejlanderindex Oscar Gustave Rejlanderrecliningfemalenude Oscar Gustave RejlanderrejlanderintroducesrejlandOscar Gustave Rejlander Oscar Gustave Rejlanderthetwowaysoflife Oscar_Gustave_Rejlander_(British,_born_Sweden_-_(The_Madonna_and_Child_with_St._John_the_Baptist)_-_Google_Art_Project



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