Making Movies

23 02 2015

Making MoviesWhile living in Belgium I watched a lot of British television. There are a lot of documentary shows on different film directors. I decided to create my own documentary about a fictional Canadian director and a company of players.

The documentary was divided amongst a number of films the group created together. Each film was a long poem written down the left side of the page, and the comments of the participants on the right. The comments were not just about the movie in question but about the relationships inside the group.

The book is not a novel, in the conventional format. It is not a long poem in the conventional sense. Most of the reviews were very positive, but the first review was from The Globe and Mail. The reviewer said, ‘this is not how movies are made’. I think all he read was the title. It did kill the book though, although the reviewer in question is now dead, so I suppose the scales are balanced.

The book went ‘e’ a few years ago and received a number of awards, which I somehow have misplaced. Also, all the printed books were lost in the flood of 2013. I might add that there was some talk during publication of making an actual movie based on the book. Of course in true Hollywood tradition, that was mostly hype.

Have a read. Making Movies.




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