Andrey Alekseevich Shishkin

19 02 2015

Andrey Alekseevich Shishkin. You’d think he was a painter from the 18th century. He is still a young man and from all accounts, he is still alive. He paints a Russia of the czars, or the fantasies of a bygone era.

Andrey Alekseevich Shishkin0757beb79d8a7a75644c50a085079629 Andrey Alekseevich Shishkin21167a67376c9803ed3f83d813fe3b04 Andrey Alekseevich Shishkin965733 Andrey Alekseevich Shishkin104644400_large_artlib_gallery380169bhozyayka_mednoy_goruy Andrey Alekseevich ShishkinANDREY-SHISHKIN-10 Andrey Alekseevich Shishkinandrey-shishkin-russian-i-am-a-child-1384901331_b Andrey Alekseevich Shishkinc0a7408e9dbf8cdce1141b319cc7e220 Andrey Alekseevich Shishkind424f50a1754aea343ebe46dc489ce89 Andrey Alekseevich ShishkinMistress-of-Copper-Mountain-2007 Andrey Alekseevich Shishkinrandrey



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