Rebeca Saray

16 02 2015

The amazing thing about fashion photographers (or at least the ones that intrigue me) is their ability to tell stories. Sometimes mysteries. Sometimes comedies.  And they create colours and textures and images that are fascinating. Rebeca Saray must be a very successful photographer. Just look at her name.

Rebeca Saray004-stunning-portraits-rebeca-saray Rebeca Saray29_years_old____selfportrait_by_rebeca_saray600_400 Rebeca Saray75a40080f9acfd7ab6c7b49fd51b8fc4 Rebeca Saray0110326_myegoo_mg9461np_3_o-600x414 Rebeca Sarayfashion-photography-rebeca-saray-23 Rebeca Sarayimages Rebeca Saraymother_earth_by_dosis-d3f5nb3 Rebeca Saraymyegoo_6451660np_o Rebeca_Saray__A_Aguado_III_by_AnitaMdz Rebeca-Saray-Red-Desire



2 responses

16 02 2015
Zombie Clown

i like these pictures

16 02 2015
Zombie Clown

also you need to check your link to the page. you included an extra HTTP://

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