Lost in a dream…

14 02 2015

Lost in a dreamby David Halliday

Julien Spianti

14 02 2015

Part of the attraction of Julien Spianti’s work is that I don’t quite understand what’s going. I keep trying to find context. What are these people doing. I know there is a story and it is rendered with great skill, still… I keep searching.

Julien Spianti5feda978eea5cb35622efc5f682ccf61 Julien Spiantiaimg_2292 Julien Spiantieva Julien Spiantijulien spianti increib muro Julien Spiantijulienspianti_panorama2_0 Julien Spiantikolyma4-bis Julien SpiantiSpiantiPainting julien-spianti-welcomeMaking MoviesMaking Movies



Vladimir Clavijo

14 02 2015

I found these photos so haunting and… not odd, not perverse… strange. Everything has an edge. With rust on it.

Vladimir Clavijo02bfcc1fbaa9c1f3c61ae9a9c3e6a905 vladimir clavijo4 Vladimir Clavijo7ac8e099-c41a-400f-9427-aef9f379d96c Vladimir Clavijoal25 Vladimir Clavijoal52 Vladimir ClavijoAlice-Telepnev Vladimir Clavijobl3 Vladimir Clavijocherry-orchard-kiss-Vladimir-Clavijo-Telepnev- Vladimir Clavijoimages Vladimir Clavijoindex Vladimir Clavijoperson_9 Vladimir Clavijotumblr_n6x0ar1czi1ts9gtvo6_r1_1280 Vladimir Clavijovladimir

attack on the Rijksmuseum

Letting One Fly

14 02 2015

Letting One FlyDavid Halliday