Egon Schiele

9 02 2015

No artist that I have looked at recently has made his obsession seem so unpleasant. Not to say I don’t love this guy’s work. It is marvelous. And I imagine that his sexual interests must have created quite a controversy. Still you can see that the artist seems to be of two minds about sex. Certainly his work is not erotic. At least not in the fantasy level of Playboy magazine for example. These are not the girl next door.

Egon_Schiele_1 Egon_Schiele_9 EgonSchiele1 EgonSchiele2 EgonSchiele3 EgonSchiele4 EgonSchiele5 EgonSchiele6 EgonSchiele7 EgonSchiele8snowSnow


Otiniel Lins

9 02 2015

Otiniel Lins was born in Brazil.  His art is like his country, mixed, colored, happy, strong, deep, oversized… He has no limit, mixing techniques and inspirations that he uses to build his own pictorial language to speak about himself, about his life, and about the world. His twenty year career is full of changing styles, but while these may each be different, they are, in fact, ever the same theme, just unbelievable human takes on human beings.

Otiniel Lins300x300 Otiniel Lins4456301239_9295d1ffe9 Otiniel Lins4457079704_e4d7832131Otiniel Lins Otiniel Lins20110719144113 Otiniel Linsapr_s_la_nuit Otiniel Linse5e8d2_d8438ebb606a4bc3b87abe1646e11820.jpg_srz_980_615_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz Otiniel LinsOTINIEL-250x250 Otiniel Linsotiniel-linssleeping beautySleeping Beauty

Fabio Coruzzi

9 02 2015

I love this bleeding of paint through photographs. It feels alive.

Fabio Coruzzi0e59d25ba955462bc19f1fac08a9ab44 Fabio Coruzzi7105052 Fabio Coruzziafamilano Fabio Coruzziamsterdam1-310x238 Fabio Coruzzidresstokill Fabio Coruzzifabio Fabio CoruzziFCoruzziBuslasvegas_framed_l Fabio Coruzziholborn Fabio Coruzzinakeride_resize Fabio CoruzziSunset-at-Hackney-Wick-by-Fabio-Coruzzi Fabio Coruzzitarzana warWar