Jessica Kirkpatrick

6 02 2015

Odd and compelling. (To do what, I don’t know.)

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Calling Mr. Davenport

6 02 2015

Calling Mr. Davenportby David Halliday

George Hugnet

6 02 2015

Its always interesting to go back and see what folks were doing in the first decades of the 20th century. My century. I was born in the middle of it. Like the pit in the middle of the peach.

Georges Hugnet (11 July 1906 – 26 June 1974), was a French graphic artist.

He was also active as a poet, writer, art historian, graphic artist, bookbinding designer, critic and film director.

Hugnet was a figure in the Dada movement and Surrealism.[1]

Hugnet 1 Hugnet 2 Hugnet 3 Hugnet 4 Hugnet 5Maynard

My Little Margie

6 02 2015

My Little Margieby David Halliday

Ed Kuris appears at an exhibition…

6 02 2015

Ed Kuris appears at an David Halliday

Stuart Dalby

6 02 2015

In the best of his work, there are stories. Intimate and casual like photographs of moments.

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