Jean Gabriel Domergue

24 01 2015

A viewer of this sight, Laurent Domergue, in response to one of the pieces, pointed out the work of Jean Gabriel Domergue.

JeanGabriel Domergue (4 March 1889 – 16 November 1962) was a French painter specialising in portraits of Parisian women.

Jean Gabriel Domergue6a324034 Jean Gabriel Domergue10883246_1 Jean Gabriel Domergue129233619280035798_bcea578b-1a0d-471e-afec-9916ebf24cae_127855_338 Jean Gabriel Domerguedomergue Jean Gabriel Domerguedomergue2 Jean Gabriel Domerguedomergue22 Jean Gabriel Domerguefloodedgus-tumblr Jean Gabriel Domergueimage_393_jean-gabriel-domergue-bagatelle Jean Gabriel Domerguej5I5mcTfiL46K Jean Gabriel Domerguejean-gabriel_domergue_bebe_d5347652h Jean Gabriel Domerguejean-gabriel_domergue_les_quatre_continents_d5581942h Jean Gabriel Domerguejean-gabriel-domergue-2 Jean Gabriel DomergueJean-GabrielDomergueCanCanBajamoron The Moron




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24 01 2015
laurent domergue

Thanks a lot …!!!

13 06 2017
David Halliday

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