whatdya want to ask me…

21 01 2015

whatdya want ask me..by David Halliday

Max Weber

21 01 2015

The artist. Not the sociologist. Sometimes his work looks like visual stuttering. But I love them. Especially those pieces that are story conscious. There is something going on. Perhaps a conversation. While couples or groups read, work, etc. The paintings are very playful.

Max Weber was a Jewish-American painter and one of the first American Cubist painters who, in later life, turned to more figurative Jewish themes in his art.

Max Weber4cfaf937-f522-4865-a306-578da6c8e036.jpg!Portrait Max Weberadoration-of-the-moon Max Weberexh_Weber Max Weberfamily-reunion Max Weberinvocation Max Webermaxweber Max Webermweber-07 Max Webernormal_weber080291cf Max WeberPSC_E1992i126Max Weber Max Weberthe-musesMax Weber Max WeberWLA_jewishmuseum_Sabbath_by_Max_Weber_2women gone mad part 2Women Gone Mad part 2


Lauren McLaughlin

21 01 2015

I’m not sure. I was looking at Lauren McLaughlin’ s work and I’m not sure. Sure I understand it. Or I like it. Sometimes you have to see work in its place. I mean in reality rather than on the net. Some stuff just doesn’t work here.

Lauren McLaughlin863676-23 Lauren McLaughlin983549-7 Lauren McLaughlin1493240-23 Lauren McLaughlinAIR Lauren McLaughlinB0VSvbSIIAE5O25.jpg large Lauren McLaughlindfgdf Lauren McLaughlinIMG_8322 Lauren McLaughlinwe

second hand smoke

21 01 2015

second hand smokeby David Halliday

Satan’s Choice version two

21 01 2015

Satan's ChoiceV2by David Halliday