19 01 2015

Its a wonderful invention machine. Not the imagination. But cheekiness. (An English expression I have heard so often in sporting events. I have never used it myself. Don’t have the noive.) Santos has quite a sense of humor. Mixing the great masters of art and his own slant on things. That along with his wonderful draftsmanship and coloring has created very interesting and amusing work. Look closely.

CESAR SANTOS386639_327457457271108_1989359223_n CESAR SANTOSCesar Santos - (4) CESAR SANTOSCesar Santos-カイ-45 CESAR SANTOSCesar-David-Queen-huile-sur-toile-120-x-95-cm-14000-euro CESAR SANTOScesar-santos_17 CESAR SANTOScesarsantos_342243234243_large CESAR SANTOScesar-santos-3 CESAR SANTOSSantos_Mazazo_de_gracia_32x54in-large CESAR SANTOSSantos_The_Three_Graces_56x74in_ool-large CESAR SANTOStumblr_mnkk8tV1E51rfltouo1_500women gone mad part 1Download Women Gone Mad Part One

mad about that girl… version two

19 01 2015

mad about that girl v2by David Halliday


19 01 2015

This is for my good friend Victor Genova who will never see this because he does not want to be connected to anyone on the net. Instead he lives in a small room on the third floor of a huge mansion on a hill in downtown Toronto. Victor does not have a cat. Although he has a yearning to be part of the worldwide Presbyterian Movement.

Jorge Chamorro

19 01 2015

Simple collages. Wicked sense of humor.

Jorge Chamorro09-upperplayground-citrusreport-skyou-ondemand-ageofcollage Jorge Chamorro6343766380_f78246407b_m Jorge Chamorroboca-cara Jorge Chamorrocerilla jorge chamorroee12 Jorge Chamorroimages Jorge Chamorromeh.ro10150 jorge_chamorro_2 jorge-chammaro2 jorge-chammaro3 jorge-chamorro2trashTrash