Pavel Tereshkovets

18 01 2015

This photographer has an uncanny eye for place. He finds things that are intriguing. The examples here are nudes against large places. Against a landscape. And they are both beautiful and forlorn. Other photos remind us how lonely many places are. It is for many a grey world. Pavel Tereshkovets.

Pavel Tereshkovets1618526_628910690478290_1282151898_n Pavel Tereshkovetsindex Pavel TereshkovetsStrange-Days-by-Pavel-Tereshkovets-01(pp_w880_h594) Pavel Tereshkovetstumblr_mqpwo1VJ0y1rz8qc2o1_1280 Pavel TereshkovetsWhite-silence-by-pavel-tereshkovets-01 Pavel TereshkovetsWhite-Silence-by-Pavel-Tereshkovets-16 Pavel-Tereshkovets-650x650warWar

Jack and Vic descending stairs

18 01 2015

Jack and Vic Descending Stairsby David Halliday


like omens

Home of Bujang Senang

18 01 2015

Home of Bujang Senangby David Halliday

this is my version of the inside of a saltwater crocodile.

Any relationship between this piece and terrorism is coincidental.