do you believe that a true love is blind…

17 01 2015

Do you believe that a true love is David Halliday

I’m a little disappointed in this piece. I tried a few things but they don’t seem to have worked. Maybe I’ll turn it upside down.

vincent bourilhon

17 01 2015

With just four years of experience, Normandy-based student photographer Vincent Bourilhon creates surreal worlds that are incredibly enchanting. Viewers will find themselves swiftly escaping into many of his inventive stories where top hats rapidly multiply and hot air balloons emerge from the steam of a coffee cup.

vincent bourilhon4vincent bourilhon vincent bourilhon44 vincent bourilhon1082120117 vincent bourilhon1082120321 vincent bourilhonour-favorite-toy vincent bourilhonPhotography-by-Vincent-Bourilhon-1 Vincent-Bourilhon-2-e1372336285215Planet JackDownload Planet Jack

Jill Hart

17 01 2015

Jill Hart. This is a photographer who has both an eye for the macabre, the erotic, and the fanciful. And they are quite often in the same photograph.

JHart5 JHart6 JHart7The BoxDownload The Box