22 was a difficult age

16 01 2015

22 was a difficult ageby David Halliday

Timothy Cummings

16 01 2015

His paintings of children are both beautiful and disturbing. Something has unsettled their childhood. Or perhaps childhood is unsettling. Timothy Cummings.

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16 01 2015

whatever..v2by David Halliday

Wojciech Grzanka

16 01 2015

Wojciech Grzanka His work is charged with emotion. Like a shock treatment. Many of them quite ‘horrible’ in the best sense. There is very little humor here. It has all the intensity of a young artist. (I’ll probably find out he’s in his early 70s.) There are a lot of visual ideas. Ways of viewing things that you haven’t thought of before. There are also a few cliches. But you can hardly expect to avoid that.

His photographs are spectacular. And have all the characteristics normally found in surreal work.

Download Murder

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