Jack Vettriano

10 01 2015

His work is fantasy. Almost like scenes from a Scorsese film. They are about tough guys and hard women. No sentimentality. Sexuality and brooding violence. Wonderful fun. Jack Vettriano

Jack Vettriano -- (1) jack vettriano 5 Jack Vettriano Painting 79 Jack Vettrianoarticle-2443333-00BEF5981000044C-395_634x522 Jack Vettrianoc4749fe095748eb51b2084005bbb7e37 Jack VettrianoGame_On-resized Jack Vettrianogross_fallen-angel-nach-jack-vettJack Vettrianoano Jack VettrianoNight-in-the-City Jack VettrianoPainting-Jack-Vettriano Jack Vettrianovettriano4aa jack-vettriano-1 Jack-vettriano-Birth-of-a-Dream jack-vettriano-image-1-161124364murderDownload ‘murder’





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9 06 2017
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