Igor Morski

6 01 2015

His illustrations are breathtaking. My wife would love these. Unfortunately she has left me for the grocery store. Igor Morski

igor morski ojo muro Igor Morski4 Igor Morskid9c5fa5bad280fb1122d926aeeebca87 Igor Morskiillustrations-by-igor-morski-09 Igor MorskiP021 Igor Morskisurreal-Illustrations-by igor-morski (2) Igor-Morski_3600_602 igor-morski1 igor-morski-6 Igor-Morski-surreal-Illustrations-by-igor-morski-10Hard BrushDownload Hard Brush Soft Paint

Marta Orlowska

6 01 2015

One of the qualities that marks good art is surprise. Surprise may even be a definition of art. Unless there is two artists here with the same name Marta Orlowska has tremendous range. God, its just fun looking at  her work.

Marta Orlowska_artodyssey (12) Marta Orlowska967170222444_W3dijMrF_l Marta Orlowskabc1e623193974d2a0fa0ebd5daee13fe Marta Orlowskaflat,550x550,075,f.u1 Marta Orlowskaflat,550x550,075,f.u11 Marta Orlowskasurreal7a600 Marta Orlowskatumblr_mgsfq9u8Lc1qatz00o1_500 marta-orlowska1 marta-orlowska2Death of Lou Grant

Download The Death of Lou Grant

Giuseppe Mastromatteo

6 01 2015

Lots of fun here.

GMastromatteo1 GMastromatteo2 GMastromatteo3 GMastromatteo4 Foto 05 -   035

On our way to Pennsylvania Station

6 01 2015

On our way to Pennsylvania Stationby David Halliday


Reading Hawkings I had this notion that we could run out of time. Its not that we would disappear but that each one of us would be left to wander in our world by ourselves. No other people. Everything frozen as it was at the moment time ended.