Jan Saudek

4 01 2015

The tainted grainy photographs are both disturbing and beautiful.

Jan Saudek30-Jan-Saudeks-Photograph Jan Saudek83-051 Jan Saudekart,children,fate,jansaudek,photography,river-19bf85d782e00fd1680389fcda3c184c_h Jan Saudekimages Jan SaudekImg754700123660397 Jan Saudekpaintings,photography-d12aec7808d58a5fc35342e7c5d47be2_h Jan Saudekprague_postcard_jan_saudek_grapes_of_wrath Jan SaudekSaudek_800-dancers-in-paradise Jan Saudeksaudek2 Jan Saudekthumb_9286__lightbox_full Jan-Saudek jan-saudek-the-slavic-girl-with-her-father-1998-600x465Bicycle





One response

5 01 2015
laurent domergue

Extraordinaire …!!! Merci a vous pour cette découverte …!!! Et mes meilleurs voeux …!!!

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