Pakayla Biehn

2 01 2015

Odd these double images. Everyone has seen them. Sometimes accidents. Sometimes manufactured. But they always tell a story. Or make one want to investigate. In these pieces the artist, Pakayla Biehn,  has pretty well left the pics as they appeared on the film. Or perhaps on photoshop. But she has not pushed the envelope on them. Made something new out of the ideas. They verge on the surreal but never cross over. There is something appealing about both sides of the border.

Pakayla Biehn6a00d834cad15053ef014e88754b68970d-800wi Pakayla Biehn6a00d834cad15053ef0134861e263d970c Pakayla BiehnEverything That Can Happen in a Day Pakayla BiehnIMG_1457_2 Pakayla BiehnIMG_1460_2 Pakayla Biehn-ImpressioniArtistiche - 22 Pakayla Biehnlohan PakaylaBiehn1  Pakayla-Rae-Biehn---34x20



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