The Toledo of my dreams

31 01 2015

The Toledo of my dreamsby David Halliday


I have never visited either Toledo, the one in Spain or Ohio. There are so many cities in North America that have been named after sister cities in Europe. Their paths have been so different. And on the whole, American cities do not fare that well as places of interest.


lisa yuskavage

31 01 2015

Between 1984 and 1990, Yuskavage painted women that she later characterized as demure in nature.[5] At the suggestion of her husband, the artist Matvey Levenstein, Yuskavage began to imagine herself as the subject of her paintings, which allowed her to change her perspective and to assume a new character in her work.[5] Her new style often features the nude female form as voluptuous and with exaggerated curves.[6] These nudes have been compared to both classic pin-ups and soft pornography.[7] The role of voyeurism is also key to the artist’s work.[8] Yuskavage has previously cited the actor Dennis Hopper’s character, Frank Booth, in David Lynch’s Blue Velvet (film), as her inspiration for the source of the male gaze in her artworks

I find her work fascinating but am not sure I get it. Is she exploring female forms, male fantasies, or the cinema.

lisa yuskavage2010-06-18-cliff lisa yuskavage2010-06-18-facial2 lisa yuskavage26678 lisa yuskavageDayFive_52 lisa yuskavageimages lisa yuskavageimg_resize.php lisa yuskavagetumblr_lxo0sipk8P1qbbqyoo1_500 lisa yuskavageYuskavageLisa3344 lisa_yuskavage_untitled_d5351640h lisa_yuskavage7 Lisa-Yuskavage-David-Zwirner-AM-20Cover for HomicideSMALLHomicide



El Greco

31 01 2015

When I see an El Greco painting, I think I see Dali. His longated figures remind me of Modigliani. The angels and saints and all the religious paraphernalia of his age (the anti-gravity illusions) remind you of Magritte and the surrealists. And the paintings of crowds remind me of some collage works. And yet he was a figure of the 16th and 17th century. His work must have looked very odd to those people.

ElGreco1 ElGreco2 ElGreco3 ElGreco4 ElGreco5 ElGreco6 ElGreco7Hard BrushHard Brush Soft Paint


alice neel

30 01 2015

Her portraits are so interesting. Each one is distinctive almost as if painted by another artist. Not the style or even the colours but the subject itself.

alice neel2_alice_neel alice neelaliceneel5 alice neelAliceNeel-Joeythennow alice neelcheim-read-marxist-girl-irene-peslikis-alice-neel-1stdibs-1347674042_org alice neelimages alice neelIMG_3117 Sherry Speeth 1964 by Alice Neel 1900-1984 alice neelneel-portrait_of_girl alice neelThomson alice_neel_miro_04 alice-neel4 Alice-Neel-painting-RED-GROOMS-and-MIMI-GROSS--1967-oil-on-canvas Alice-Neel-Pregnant-Julie-and-Algis-1967the holethe hole

Terrorism on tour…

30 01 2015

Terrorism on Tourby David Halliday


Isis has taken advantage of our television/internet networks move to make NEWS entertainment. Its not the coverage of the event that bothers me as it is the constant yammering on CNN, FOX, etc. They treat everything like a football highlight.



Yanzhou Bao

30 01 2015

I loved the colours in this photographic/fashion collection. Yanzhou Bao is the photographer.  It as if the pics are bleeding.

Yanzhou Bao74481ebdad36761f832175db9c1c11f6 Yanzhou Baob8354ebc9194a1d93760ebaa70c4f0f8-560x839 Yanzhou Baodd62caa15cfee20b77dc5782a698794f Yanzhou Baofb67b1f884e695302a8d62d836404552 Yanzhou Baoindex Yanzhou Baoindex2 Yanzhou Baonhw_3554-2_1Black BirdBlack Bird


Ms. Peel

29 01 2015

Ms Peelby David Halliday


She’s my version of the Lisa Mona.

Valerie Hegarty

29 01 2015

Valerie Hegarty. I love her work. Its filled with ideas. She rejects the 18th and 19th century glorification of American Manifest Destiny. And reinterprets that political agenda with the “now”, with ‘reality’. And the destruction of these representative pieces of work are beautiful in themselves. Or maybe I just enjoy sitting around a camp fire. And watching the wood burn.

VHegarty1 VHegarty2 VHegarty3 VHegarty4 VHegarty5 VHegarty6 VHegarty7The BoxThe Box


Jessica Silversaga

29 01 2015

Her photographs look like shots from a Bergman film. Is she sheepish, shy, or disturbed? Or is she manipulating us?

Photo: Jessica Silversaga Jessica Silversagaessica-Silversaga-Photography-1 Photo: Jessica Silversaga Jessica Silversagaimages Jessica SilversagaJessicaSilverSaga_92 Jessica SilversagaJS.a.12-900x900 Jessica Silversagasilversaga Jessica Silversagasilversaga_05 Jessica Silversagasilversaga_06 Jessica Silversagasilversaga_linnea4 Jessica Silversagasilversaga_purple12 Jessica Silversagasilversaga2 Jessica Silversagasilversaga4sleeping beautySleeping Beauty


Ironing out the wrinkles…

29 01 2015

Ironing out the wrinklesby David Halliday


reality for human beings is a blind consensus, something we learn and something we are limited by our senses. But the mind feels the walls.