Jaromir Funke

31 12 2014

Jaromír Funke (1896–1945) was a pioneer of modern photography. In 1922, he set out on the road to abstraction, ultimately developing a school of his own: “Photogenism.” He responded to the inspiration of Cubism and also made exemplary works in the styles of New Objectivity and Constructivism. In the Twenties, he became one of the first photographers to accept Poetism and Surrealism. With the exception of Jaroslav Rössler, Funke was the only important Czechoslovak photographer to grasp the international context of avant-garde photography, painting, and sculpture.

Even a bottle of wine looks like the Gestapo. Suspicion and paranoia seem to whisper in every photo. (Or perhaps I am reading into his photographs because he worked before and during WW2.

Jaromir Funke78-139-Sudek-1384201472 Jaromir Funke5718370125_1543844d96 Jaromir Funked4080733r Jaromir Funkeimages Jaromir FunkeMG009334_hq_2010-08 Jaromir Funketumblr_l3i49cXOCz1qahuhjo1_500 Jaromir Funketumblr_n8po8a2V6E1r064gzo2_40Jaromir Funke0 jaromir-funke-nude-under-glass




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