Jean Hazera

29 12 2014

Jean Hazera His work is exciting. Brimming over the top with colour and metaphor. I wish I could see more of the detail. Or have these paintings like a billboard in front of me.

Jean Hazera201207261122 Jean Hazera201305301117-fullJean Hazera Jean Hazeralaconversation1 Jean Hazeralamelancolie Jean Hazeralepotagerdesdeboires Jean Hazeratentation1 Jean Hazeravanite

Kate Domina

29 12 2014

They all have the same vacant stare. Like Vikings. Before the battle. At sea. Looking for land. And they all have oversized heads. Like Stewy. And me. And for reasons that are inexplicable I find them entreating. Suggestive of things to come. Isn’t that what adolescence is all about? Kate Domina.

KDomina1 KDomina2 KDomina3 KDomina4 KDomina5

Claude Cahun

29 12 2014

She was not. Her real name was Lucy Schwob. And her and her companion, Marcel Moore, would have been considered odd in any company. But in the middle of a war. In Nazi occupied territory. Condemned to death. They were both fearless. Courageous or mad. There’s is a story that you have to follow to believe.

CCahun CCahun2 CCahun3 CCahun4 CCahun5

The crucifixion of Mary

29 12 2014

The crucifixion of Maryby David Halliday