Frank Kelly Freas

27 12 2014

The artists that populate the world of pulp fiction and comics must be surprised by their elevation as artists. I say ‘must’ because I’m sure when they began, no one thought of their work as art, only as skilled tradesmen and honest unpretentious workmen.

Born in Hornell, New York, Freas (pronounced like “freeze”) was the son of two photographers, and was raised in Canada.[4] He was educated at Lafayette High School in Buffalo, where he received training from long-time art teacher Elizabeth Weiffenbach. He entered the United States Army Air Forces right out of high school (Crystal Beach, Ontario, Canada). He flew as camera man for reconnaissance in the South Pacific and painted bomber noses during World War II. He then worked for Curtis-Wright for a brief period, then went to study at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and began to work in advertising. He married Pauline (Polly) Bussard in 1952; they had two children, Jacqui and Jerry. Polly died of cancer in January 1987. In 1988 he married (and is survived by) Dr. Laura Brodian.

Frank Kelly Frank Kelly Freasfreas_spock2 Frank Kelly Freasfreas-big-front-yard Frank Kelly FreasFreasIsis Frank Kelly FreasKelly-Freas Frank Kelly Freasmadb012 Frank Kelly Freasmusic-queen-news-of-the-world FrankKellyFreas_RhapsodyInBlack__100 Frank-Kelly-Freas-Sci-Fi-artwork-from-1953




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