somebody is going to pay the bill…

27 12 2014

somebody is going to pay the billby David Halliday

Pedro Nekoi

27 12 2014

One thing that you can be sure of with commercial art is that it will be accomplished. The next thing you’ll notice is that it offends no one. Its like a tossed salad. All green and reds and yellows. Nothing brown.

Pedro Nekoi7528572684_0ae3d79cec Pedro Nekoi7858004192_b1a7f42da2 Pedro Nekoiimages Pedro Nekoipedro-01 pedro-nekoi-2 pedro-nekoi-7 pedro-nekoi-267960

Frank Kelly Freas

27 12 2014

The artists that populate the world of pulp fiction and comics must be surprised by their elevation as artists. I say ‘must’ because I’m sure when they began, no one thought of their work as art, only as skilled tradesmen and honest unpretentious workmen.

Born in Hornell, New York, Freas (pronounced like “freeze”) was the son of two photographers, and was raised in Canada.[4] He was educated at Lafayette High School in Buffalo, where he received training from long-time art teacher Elizabeth Weiffenbach. He entered the United States Army Air Forces right out of high school (Crystal Beach, Ontario, Canada). He flew as camera man for reconnaissance in the South Pacific and painted bomber noses during World War II. He then worked for Curtis-Wright for a brief period, then went to study at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and began to work in advertising. He married Pauline (Polly) Bussard in 1952; they had two children, Jacqui and Jerry. Polly died of cancer in January 1987. In 1988 he married (and is survived by) Dr. Laura Brodian.

Frank Kelly Frank Kelly Freasfreas_spock2 Frank Kelly Freasfreas-big-front-yard Frank Kelly FreasFreasIsis Frank Kelly FreasKelly-Freas Frank Kelly Freasmadb012 Frank Kelly Freasmusic-queen-news-of-the-world FrankKellyFreas_RhapsodyInBlack__100 Frank-Kelly-Freas-Sci-Fi-artwork-from-1953


Travis Bedel

27 12 2014

The union of humans and plants. This mixture that is usually saved for the graveyard. Bedel’s collages and paintings are filled with detail and wonder. They do in some sense remind me the great Howard Hawk’s film, “The Thing From Another World”. As I have long maintained, carrots too have feelings.

Travis Bedelbedelgeusecollage2 Travis Bedelcollage-3 Travis Bedelribs Travis Bedeltumblr_mx468rEZn01rfm6vfo1_1280 Travis Bedeltumblr_mz2kykDV0E1rfm6vfo1_1280 Travis Bedeltumblr_ncc06xekms1rfm6vfo1_1280 Travis_Bedel_anatomical_Collage_Art_Trend_Botanical_Studies_09-700x1022 travis-bedel-7-650x950

Cameron Gray

27 12 2014

Its like looking at the art from another species. Cameron Gray. Some of his images are iconic. Some cliche. But all of them are wondrous. And joyful. Even the dark visions.

Cgray1 Cgray2 Cgray3 Cgray4 Cgray5 Cgray6 Cgray7

she used to love a tall skinny man

27 12 2014

she used to love a tall skinny David Halliday