25 12 2014

What is art? Tough question. Especially when it involves commerce. And it has always involved commerce. Michelangelo did not paint the Sistine Chapel for nothing. No money, no art. Maybe. But art has been corrupted by too much money. Not that living artists are wealthy. But museums like Getty’s and the new museums in the middle east like Art Dubai have distorted an already bulbous market. And then there is pop culture in general. Rock, rap, fashion etc have created this image of elitist and very rich artists. Some are, some aren’t. Dylan is an artist. Jaggar is an artist but a bad one. And Tony Bennet is a singer. More and more we focus on personality and not the work. And of course, a lot of people (mostly galleries, record, and film producers) are making a lot of money. Its like the royal family in England. Visible but useless.

POPART1cottoncandykatyweb-e1351320654871-1 Lady Gaga Artpop album cover by Jeff Koons POPART3katy-perry-prism POPARTRihanna-snake-gq

America on Saturday night…

25 12 2014

America on Saturday Nightby David Halliday