you and me in love…

24 12 2014

you and me in loveby David Halliday


I am perplexed by the image of fire and the concept of time…

Tim Noble and Sue Webster

24 12 2014

Shadow art is made by shining light through carefully arranged objects, thus creating a shadow image on the walls.

Tim Noble and Sue Webster

I don’t know if it is art but it sure is fascinating.

Tim Noble and Sue Webster2shadow-art Tim Noble and Sue Webstershadow-art-3 Tim Noble and Sue Webstershadow-art-4 Tim Noble and Sue Webstershadow-art-5 Tim Noble and Sue Webstershadow-art-6


winter follies

24 12 2014

Winter Folliesby David Halliday

What will happen to everything in my head when spring comes? Will it thaw and run off with my wife?

Can you find the polar bear?

Marc Chagall

24 12 2014

Village life. Love. A surreal God. Who fills life with a robust and spirited ale. Optimism. A world open to the Good. Immune to the hostile outside world in Russia. And the coming storm in Europe. It is as if he were a prisoner of his love. Blinded by a life that no longer existed. And without the help of friends and strangers he might have been a victim of that love. In some ways he was a glorious fool.

MChagall1 MChagall2 MChagall3 MChagall4 MChagall5 MChagall6 MChagall7 MChagall8 MChagall9

where did our love go…

24 12 2014

where did our love David Halliday