Damien Hirst

23 12 2014

Damien Hirst is one of the most influential artists in the world. His first exhibition, Freeze, took place in London in 1988. Born in 1965 in Bristol, UK, he lives and works in London and Devon. He is one of the most prominent artists to have emerged from the British art scene in the 1990s. His works are often associated with life, death, beliefs, and values.

Sticky paper. My grandparents used to have sticky paper hanging from the ceiling in their kitchen. It caught flies. You’d be eating dinner and above you would be the death thralls of these creatures. That’s what Damien Hirst’s work is like. Sticky paper. It attracts controversy. And the art world loves controversy. Because controversy is money. And Damien Hirst has managed to make a lot of money.

DHirst1 DHirst2 DHirst3 DHirst4 DHirst5

Well, he’s got a gun pointed right at us…

23 12 2014

Well, he's got a gun pointed right at us..by David Halliday

Turner’s Beach

23 12 2014

Turner's Beachby David Halliday

Yavan Favre

23 12 2014

Beautiful images of forlorness, aloneness. Without sentimentality. Yavan Favre

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Kevin Peterson

23 12 2014

Kevin Peterson kevp_city_331 Kevin Peterson kevp_city_334Realism. Innocence versus the stark realities and mundanities of urban life. Kevin Peterson 

Kevin Peterson dtv Kevin Peterson 16057654901_4bd0e5a193_b Kevin Peterson 8047553224_7693317cfa_c