Rich Smukler

16 12 2014

So many of this photographer’s work look like paintings. Rich Smukler

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hailing a cab on Adelaide Avenue..

16 12 2014

hailing a cab on Adelaide Avenueby David Halliday

Peggy Wolf

16 12 2014

Ms. Wolf has bridged the gap between art and fashion. Has used collage in interesting, arresting, and simple ways. The things she does just look neat. They also look commercial. But this does not seem to mininimumalize (I created this word) their charm.

PeggyWolf1 PeggyWolf2 PeggyWolf3 PeggyWolf4 PeggyWolf5 PeggyWolf6 PeggyWolf10Peggy wolf in the kitchen Peggy Wolf1 Peggy Wolfeclectic-artwork Peggy Wolffrom-a-painting-broken-cookies_peggy-wolf_web1_zps7ede8d87 Peggy Wolfil_570xN.311871894 Peggy Wolfpw2b Peggy Wolftumblr_m5gbv2urS11qejis5 Peggy-Wolf4 peggy-wolf5

goo goo polywoggle what’s your name now…

16 12 2014

googoo polywoggle what's your name nowby David Halliday