Back from Black Friday

14 12 2014

back from Black Fridayby David Halliday

Marcelo Albuquerque

14 12 2014

Paintings of the imagination. Or escape into fantasy. This world is too ugly. I’m not sure what this is all about.

Marcelo-Albuquerque-City Marcelo-Albuquerque-Landscape-to-Macacos Marcelol Albuquerque1 Marcelol Albuquerque2 Marcelol Albuquerque142099-8 Marcelol Albuquerque164591-23 Marcelol Albuquerque270259-7 Marcelol Albuquerqueavatar_medium_square

wishing you were here with me…

14 12 2014

wishing you were here with David Halliday

Glenn Payan

14 12 2014

Glenn Payan is a Canadian. If you don’t believe me, look at his art. Its warm. Safe. Optimistic. No Tar Sands here. No Hamilton smoke stacks. Or Nova Scotia coal mines. His paintings verge on being animations. Like commercials on television for gasoline stations in the 60s. Its not that I don’t like his work. Its quite charming. But… it makes me feel… uncomfortable.

GPayan1 GPayan2 GPayan3 GPayan4 GPayan5 GPayan6 GPayan7

waiting for the questions to begin…

14 12 2014

waiting for the questions to David Halliday