Barbara Bezina

13 12 2014

I like this artist’s work very much. But I have complaints. And on this Festivus Holiday I think I can voice those. First she has a career. All serious artists have careers. I do not. Never wanted one. Second she, or whoever puts her work on the net, watermarks it. Or perhaps the watermark is part of the original work. Then I’d like to know. If you’re afraid that someone will take your work and print thousands of posters, you know how Da Vinci must feel. Look at it another way. Its free advertising. Barbara Bezina

BARBARA BEZINA 02 Barbara Bezina1 Barbara Bezina2 Barbara Bezina5 Barbara Bezina6 Barbara Bezinachi Barbara Bezinaindex Barbara Bezinanalah1 Barbara Bezinatransfiguracic3b3n barbara-bezina1 barbara-bezina4 barbara-bezina8 barbara-bezina9

Van Gogh, Trotsky, and Norman Jewison meet for a smoke…

13 12 2014

Van Gogh, Trotsky, and Norman Jewison meet for a David Halliday

Earle Bergey

13 12 2014

Earle-K.-Bergey-Winter-Bedtime-Stories Earle K. Bergeytumblr_n5xjx8QwFd1sqyiy5o9_500 Earle K. BergeyPB00067-2 Earle K. Bergeyelvgren_baressentials_1957 Earle K. Bergeyc91bafe13528a3c7cabc3dd89ce04d91 Earle K. Bergey10067542145_3db3fba077_k Earle K. Bergey104891_137093_LustKiller_1 Earle K. Bergey1950,Gnlmn Earle K. Bergey600full-earle-k.-bergey Earle K. Bergey3f8b61da43cd68bde58fd60c73926016These were the types of magazines and book covers that our local priest preached would send us straight to hell. Seem rather innocent now.

Lars Elling

13 12 2014

Something is happening but you are forbidden to look at it Or the smudging effect compels you to look at it. Everyday events or tragedies. The compunction on the viewer is to take time and look.

Lars Elling 1 Lars Elling 2 Lars Elling 3 Lars Elling 5 Lars Elling Gunst Lars Elling large Lars Elling Uten-tittel lars_elling-mastermind-2010 lars_elling-mother-s_day-2010 Lars-Elling_4