Stanislav Plutenko

11 12 2014

Is there more than one of this guy? His paintings, illustrations, all his work are filled with wonderful stories, and not a little humor.

Stanislav V. Plutenko was born in Russia on the 1st of March 1961. Plutenko studied at the Moscow University of National Economy, taking lessons in painting from private masters. In 1984 he created his first works. From 1985 to 1990 he did designer’s work in commercial advertising and joined UNESCO’s guild of graphic artists in 1991. In 1997 he was rewarded with the Grand Prix of the «Golden Brush»

stanislav plutenko2 stanislav plutenko3 stanislav plutenko4 stanislav plutenko5 stanislav plutenko6 stanislav plutenko7 Stanislav_Plutenko_4_ak stanislav_plutenko4600_425 stanislav_plutenko5600_438 stanislav_plutenko17600_900 stanislav-plutenko1 Stanislav-Plutenko2 stanislav-plutenko-10560_850 stanislav-plutenko-16565_800



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