Jane doesn’t know what she wants…

10 12 2014

Jane doesn't know what she wants..by David Halliday

Robert De Klonia

10 12 2014

In his photographs, paintings, and collages there is this sultry feel. Life in the big city. Night life.

Robert De Klonia1 Robert De Klonia2 Robert De Klonia3 Robert De Klonia4 Robert De Klonia5 Robert De Klonia6 Robert De Klonia7 Robert De Klonia8 Robert De Klonia9 Robert De Klonia11

in the rooms where I dream…

10 12 2014

in the rooms where I dream..by David Halliday


10 12 2014

Art terrorist. No. But the guy has a fabulous sense of humor. His work is very clever. And political. And expensive. His work brings him thousands of dollars. He is the most famous of the street artists. And he is a recluse. Or at least camera shy. Which is odd for a visual artist.

Bansky1 BAnsky2 Bansky3 BAnsky4 Bansky5 Bansky6

Eric Johannson

10 12 2014

Erik Johansson1 erik johansson2 erik johansson3 erik johansson4 erik johansson5 erik_johansson_042 erikjohansson_4566465645_large erik-johansson-photo-retouch-2

Erik Johanson1 Erik Johanson2 Erik Johanson3 Erik Johanson4 Erik Johanson5 Erik Johanson6 Erik Johanson7 Erik Johanson8

I can’t speak about that now… maybe later

10 12 2014

I can't speak about that now... maybe laterby David Halliday